Farming Aromatic Plants Organically: Claire and Yann’s Inspiring Mode


Since 2014, Claire and Yann have been dedicated to polyculture on the family farm, located at the top of the Valensole plateau. Yann works closely with his brother Gaëtan, who is established nearby, especially for mechanization and distillation activities. Their farm, converted to organic farming since 1999, continues to evolve with a diversified offer.


On their 45-hectare farm, aromatic plants hold a prominent place. Lavandin, thyme, rosemary, fine lavender, immortelle, savory, iris, oregano… Across 34 hectares, these fragrant crops, including 20 hectares of lavandin, are carefully tended and distilled on-site. A portion of the essential oils, especially that of fine lavender, finds buyers at the farm.

In parallel, Claire and Yann cultivate 10 hectares for durum wheat, spelt, and sainfoin, thus promoting a balanced crop rotation. In this context of arid plateau, soil preservation is essential. Intercropping reduces soil tillage and preserves the vitality of the lavandin.


Other initiatives demonstrate their commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture. The introduction of almond trees in agroforestry and the arrival of a flock of 50 sheep in 2019 enhance biodiversity and contribute to the farm’s sustainability.

Claire and Yann’s story brilliantly illustrates the benefits of a diversified organic approach to agriculture.

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